Problem Solution Essay Rubric Guide

Have no idea how to create a high-quality essay which will earn you the best grade? The primary goal of this article is to provide students with information on the problem solution essay rubric, so they could have a pretty good idea what an A-level essay should look like. After reading it, you’ll be able to see what criteria professors use to assess students’ essay writing skills, as well as understand what compulsory elements your essay should have.

Essay Rubric for Problem-Solution Essays

Before analyzing the criteria in detail, let’s just cover the basics. So, what is the problem and solution paragraph rubric? That is a way for tutors to assess students’ writing skills by using certain criteria. The main goal of the essay rubrics is to save teachers’ time because all the criteria they need to consider are gathered in one paper. The essay rubric can also help students hone their writing skills.

When professors ask students to write an essay, in all likelihood, they will also provide them with the rubric. They will review each criterion together, and as a result, students won’t face any difficulties with this task. They will also be notified of their professors’ expectations concerning this assignment.

Once an essay is ready, students will be able to score themselves using this rubric. They will see how well they did in this task and whether this essay meets the criteria listed in the rubric.

Problem/Solution Essay Rubric — Main Points

If your primary goal is to come up with the problem and solution essay, you need to know in advance what criteria it should meet. Keep in mind that your score will be lower if your essay doesn’t correspond to the requirements of the rubric.

Following the problem/solution essay rubric, the following criteria will be considered for assessing an essay:

  • Ideas and Content;
  • Organization;
  • Sources and Thesis;
  • Conventions.

If you want to get an excellent grade for your essay, you should learn these criteria literally by heart. So, let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Ideas and Content

Keep in mind that a top-quality essay should provide sophisticated definitions and a detailed description of the problem. If you wish to get the best grade, your problem statement should be specific and original. In other words, you need to define the main problem and provide original solutions.

When it comes to this essay type, the main problem and possible solutions should be mentioned in the introductory section, whereas a detailed description of each solution should be provided in the body section. Make sure that each idea is stated clearly and that supporting details are provided.

Essay Organization

Keep in mind that an essay is not your diary in which you can express your thoughts and ideas whichever way you like. That is an academic paper which should have a particular structure, which is why it should be organized in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. Your paragraphs should interconnect each other in a logical flow, so if you wish to complete one idea and start covering another, be sure to use transitional phrases between them. Your essay should also have a strong and catchy introduction, informative body sections and an adequate closing paragraph.

Sources and Thesis

Perhaps, you know that essays are thoroughly checked for plagiarism, and if there are any copied sentences or sections in them, you’ll be accused of theft of intellectual property. Therefore, you need to cite all sources you use properly, i.e., following a specific formatting style. Also be sure to provide the list of references at the end of your paper! Even if you use direct quotes, you should always indicate who these quotes belong to.

The thesis statement which is placed at the end of the introductory section, should be1 to 3 sentences long and contain the problem statement and main solutions which will be covered in the body paragraphs. A good statement demonstrates the problem clearly and doesn’t have any extra information.


Your essay should be quite literally polished to perfection! Therefore, if you aim to get the highest grade, your essay shouldn’t have any spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes. Before you submit your paper, you should proofread it several times by using online essay correctors or asking a professional editor for help. It’s only after you are sure that your essay is free from errors that you can submit it to your professor.

Before tutors give their students the task of writing an essay, they usually remind them of the rubric criteria. Once the task is completed, they can use the rubric and score their papers. That is very convenient because students have an opportunity to correct their errors and thus improve their grade before the essay gets to their professor!