Problem Solution Essay: Writing Tips to Make a Good Paper

Creating an essay is not a simple task that requires time, patience, and knowledge. In fact, many students face challenges dealing with their essays. In this detailed guide, we're going to provide our readers with the best pieces of advice on writing a problem solution essay. Just read our instructions and create a great paper following our simple but effective hints!

What Is a Problem Solution Essay? Define It!

At the start, let's formulate a problem solution essay definition. In this paper, you have to bring a particular question, challenge or conflict, and then provide readers with possible solutions. Usually, these essays are written to inform people about problems, but sometimes this work can be persuasive when you put the one solution above all others.

Needless to say, if you want to write a successful paper, it is important to be aware of the particular requirements for writing. You will find many useful tips in our article. Remember that before you start to write, you need to figure out the purpose of doing your work and also determine your future audience.

How to Make a Successful Problem and Solution Paper?

When you are required to make a problem and solution essay, it is important to have a clear plan to make good work. We know for many students it can be quite tricky. But don't worry, you still have an excellent opportunity to create a successful document with our help. Follow these simple hints and create a bright work without wasting your time!

Searching for a Good Topic for Your Essay

First of all, you have to think about problems that irritate you and other people every day. Brainstorm all ideas to select the one topic for your future paper. Apart from this, you need to think about all possible solutions to the chosen problem. Figure out if you will make an informative or a persuasive essay. Follow this plan to select a good topic:

  1. Think about groups of people and problems they might have. You can view various groups such as sports teams, pupils, pensioners, members of a club, etc.
  2. Create a list of problems these groups of people might have
  3. Choose the one particular issue to highlight in your future writing

Problem Solution Essay Structure

Your entire paper should be well-organized in accordance with general requirements for writing. Here are the main parts of your future document:

  1. Introduction. You have to present the current problem to your readers and explain why it is an important issue that needs a solution. Your primary task here is to catch readers' attention, and we recommend writing a problem solution essay introduction only after we have created all other paragraphs of your document. Remember that a thesis statement (the main idea of your work) should be included at the end of this paragraph.
  2. Body part. It is the central part of your essay where you should highlight and discuss the ways of problem tackling. You can include at least three paragraphs in this part. Explain why a particular solution is the best of all others, and provide readers with a detailed step-by-step description of how this solution will solve a problem. Remember that when you are looking for the best decision for a particular problem, you have to concentrate your attention on those ways that require the next three conditions:
    • The solution can be implemented without difficulties
    • It can solve the current problem effectively
    • It is a cost-effective solution
  3. Conclusion. In the end, you need to restate your thesis and convince your readers that you have provided them with the best solution.

Writing a Detailed Outline for Your Future Work

An outline is a plan for your future writing that will help to simplify the process. Besides, you won't forget anything important. We recommend creating a detailed outline of your future document. With a bright outline, you will spend less time working on the paper, and your assignment will be more logical. Create your plan following the essay structure and include the key points you have to highlight in your future writing.

Problem Solution Essay Format Peculiarities

Remember that you need to choose a proper problem solution essay format to create a successful work. Discover your teacher's requirements carefully to find out the recommended format for your future paper. Usually, it can be APA, Chicago or MLA formats. Each of these styles has its own rules to follow, so we recommend downloading and reading full instructions to format your essay properly.

If it is still hard for you to make this paper, we highly recommend contacting a reliable writing company that will create a well-structured, professionally written and interesting essay in accordance with all instructions provided by your teacher.