Problem Solution Essay Template — Ideas and Tips for Students

If you’ve never dealt with the problem-solution essay before and your professor asks you to create one, you shouldn’t lose your cool about it. Keep in mind that this assignment is one of the easiest ones there is, so to get the best grade you’ll just need to follow specific rules. The primary aim of this review is, therefore, to provide you with a problem solution essay template which will help you understand how to create the outline for your essay and what structure to use.

Keep in mind that a good essay should be structured appropriately. Simply put, it should include the following compulsory sections:

  • Introduction;
  • Body Sections (3 to 5, depending on the topic);
  • Conclusion.

Keep in mind that the same rule (with some exceptions) is applied when you write the problem and solution essay. We’ve created a step-by-step problem-solution essay template which will show you how to create a top-notch essay:

  • Identify an issue that bothers you most.
  • Offer several ways of solving the problem.
  • Convince the audience that your solution is the most effective one.

If you don’t have the slightest idea how to create the outline for your essay, use our template which will help you structure your essay correctly.

Problem Solution Template to Consider

Unfortunately, not all students know how to tackle this challenge, and partly because their professors don’t provide them with in-depth guidelines. But don’t lose hope just yet! Just check out our problem solution template, and you’ll see that this task is easier than you might think.

Topic:“How to Limit Kids’ Screen Time”

  • Introduction.Your objective is to grab the reader’s attention. The best thing you can do is to use the so-called “hook.”
    Let’s check out this example: Do you know that too much screen time leads to different health problems, such as obesity or high blood pressure? Statistically, more than 60 % of kids spend more than 2 hours per day in front of the screen of their mobile devices. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, preschoolers shouldn’t use different media devices more than one or two hours per day. Unfortunately, not all kids and their parents follow this rule. Worse still, if you try to turn off your kid’s tablet or smartphone, they may get hysterical. Is there a solution? There is, and you can solve this problem by making screens off-limits for particular hours, providing active alternatives and using parental control applications.
  • Body Paragraphs.Now, your goal is to provide the audience with a detailed description of all the solutions which you came up with in your introduction. Keep in mind that one paragraph should cover only one solution. Don't mix them!
    For instance:
    • Section 1: Families can make screens off-limits for certain hours.
      This solution is one of the most effective. However, you need to make some kind of deal with your kids. For example, you may tell them that they can only watch cartoons or play games online only after they do their homework or clean their room. They shouldn’t use tablets or smartphones during mealtimes, but parents should also follow this rule. If they update Facebook or chat with their friends while having a meal, they should be ready to answer their kids’ questions about why they can’t follow their own rules.
    • Section 2: Parents should provide their children with active alternatives.
      You need to talk to your kids and explain that spending too many hours sitting is dangerous for their health. You should encourage them to spend more time outdoors (e.g., ride bikes or take walks) but without making them do this. You should also participate in these activities by playing with your kids outdoors. There is a bunch of healthy alternatives to online games, but to succeed you need to come up with a list of screen-free activities your kids enjoy. Whenever you see that your kid spends too much time playing with their gadgets, you can always refer to this list and try and engage them with some meaningful activities.
    • Section 3: Parents can use parental control apps.
      The modern software market also offers a good solution. You can choose absolutely any parental control app and install it on all devices. They allow you to block your kid’s tablet or smartphone whenever you see they spend too much time on it. You need to customize the screen-limiting strategy to the age of your child. As you may know, average screen time of a preschooler is one hour per day. Therefore, you should install a parental control app on your and your kid’s device, make the necessary settings and watch the app block your kid’s device in an hour. However, before installing this application, you need to let your son or daughter know that you are going to use this method.
  • Conclusion.The main goal of this paragraph is to make a summary. You need to explain to the audience which solution is the most effective and convince your readers that they should take certain measures to solve this problem. The average length of a concluding section is 100-150 words but keep in mind that you aren’t allowed to suggest a solution that wasn’t mentioned in the body section.

We hope that by using this template, you’ll be able to write an insightful and gripping problem-solution essay!