20 Problem Solution Essay Prompts for Students Who Can’t Pick the Topic

Finding an insightful guide on how to create the problem and solution essay is not a problem these days. Though this task requires students to comply with some specific requirements, it is actually easier than you might think. However, there is one challenge students often face when they’re given this assignment, which is picking the right topic. To help them out, we decided to gather all problem solution writing prompts in one review and share it with you!

So, how do you choose a topic? We are all different. Some students can be really good at Biology whereas others can write a top-quality essay on family relations. Therefore, when choosing a topic, you need to consider your sphere of interests. The primary goal of this review is to provide you with a few problem solution essay prompts which will help you get your inspiration! When your tutor asks you to compose the problem and solution essay, it means that you need to select a problem, in your introduction and offer a few solutions to it in the body section. But what problem do you choose? Check out the below prompts and find out!

The Best Prompts for University Students Writing a Problem-Solution Essay

We’ve created a list of prompts for a problem-solution essay which will help you find inspiration and pick the best topic. Check them out and select the one you like most of all.

  1. How to treat depression? Can you help a person suffering from depression?
    Firstly, you need to underline the significance of this illness and provide readers with the statistics showing how many people suffer from depression today. After that, you can offer a few solutions, such as consulting a psychologist, getting more fresh air and exercise, etc. Describe the effectiveness of these solutions.
  2. How to eliminate racism?
    You should explain the importance of this topic and provide several solutions, including learning more about the culture of other countries, thinking twice before supporting anti-racist organizations, etc. There are a lot more solutions to this problem so that you can cover any of them!
  3. How to prevent bullying in schools?
    That is the number one problem in the majority of American schools. Grab the reader’s attention and provide several solutions, such as talking to kids, defending bully-victims and talking to their parents.
  4. Is it necessary to help homeless people? How can you help them?
    You can base your essay on the statistics of your city. How many homeless are living there? Is it necessary to help them? How can you do this? After that, you need to suggest solutions, e.g., gathering clothes or things you don’t need or finding jobs for the homeless.
  5. Teenage pregnancy: preventative measures.
    You should draw the reader’s attention to this problem and explain that pregnancy can change the lives of teenagers (and not for the better). Offer the most effective preventative measures:
    • Teachers should explain the importance of safe sex;
    • Parents should be encouraged to talk to their children;
    • Teens shouldn’t be afraid of discussing sexual matters with their parents.
  6. How to convince people to drive safely?
    The best way to draw attention to this problem is to provide the readers with statistical data showing how many people die in car accidents. Your primary goal is to explain to them that by taking preventative measures, society members can reduce the number of car accidents.
  7. Is it possible to prevent divorces? What measures are the most effective?
    Unfortunately, the number of divorces is constantly growing. You need to describe this problem and think of possible solutions. There are lots of them, but you should pick the most effective ones and cover them in your essay.
  8. How to help people suffering from family violence?
    That is a significant problem, but the problem is that victims of violence often refuse to talk about it. Instead of solving the problem, they prefer to suffer in silence. You should, therefore, explain that they shouldn’t be afraid of talking about this problem, and people who hear about domestic violence should always believe the victims and support them!
  9. How to make kids spend less time playing online games?
    Explain the importance of this problem and suggest several solutions, such as reducing screen time, installing a parental control app on your kid’s mobile device and explaining to parents the importance of spending more time with kids.
  10. How to Address the Problem of Child Labor?
    Many countries still use child labor. Is it OK? How can it be prevented? What should the governments of these countries do to solve this problem? What should society do? All these questions should be covered in your essay.
  11. Is it possible to eliminate terrorism? What measures should be taken?
    Provide the readers with statistical data showing how many people suffer from terrorism in this or that country. After that, you can suggest several ways of preventing terrorist attacks (e.g., ending wars, stopping supporting terrorists, etc.).
  12. How should teachers encourage their students to study better?
    If you choose this topic, you should highlight the importance of the teacher in the educational process, drawing the reader’s attention to the fact that education is impossible without teachers. After that, you can offer several suggestions which can encourage students to study better.
  13. Ways of protecting wildlife in your area.
    You know that wildlife should be protected from pollution and deforestation. What measures should be taken to eliminate this problem?
  14. Is it possible to prevent social media bullying?
    Cyberbullying is a question of major concern today. You should highlight the importance of this problem for parents and provide them with several solutions:
    • Parents should explain to their kids why they shouldn’t hush up such facts;
    • Parents shouldn’t make any rash decisions;
    • Parents should pay attention to their kids’ problems.
  15. How to limit the use of steroids in sports?
    Though this problem was rather acute 10 years ago, it still arises today. Your goal is to describe the effect of steroids on the athlete’s body and suggest several ways of limiting their use.
  16. How to make your local basketball or football team more effective?
    You most likely have a local basketball/football team. In your essay, you should describe the main problems of this team and provide your own solutions (government support, donation, etc.).
  17. Ways of avoiding procrastination (for students).
    Not all students can submit tasks on time. Why do they procrastinate? You should demonstrate the importance of this problem for students and provide them with prioritizing, etc.).
  18. How can university students earn money?
    Not all students know how to combine classes with a part-time job. Your main goal is, therefore, to show ways in which students can earn money (e.g., by writing papers for others, working as waiters, cashiers, photographers, drivers, etc.).
  19. How to convince your parents not to interfere in your personal life?
    This question bothers quite a few students, so your essay can be really helpful to them. You need to show the importance of this problem and explain how they can talk to their parents more effectively.
  20. How to choose the best college?
    Your objective is to explain to students the importance of taking this question seriously. In particular, you should concentrate on the college-choosing stage and describe several factors they should take into consideration, such as a high graduation rate, proper financial aid, travel opportunities for students, etc.

We hope our writing ideas will be useful for those who lack inspiration or feel unconfident dealing with a problem-solution essay.